My name is Zoltán Topp, I am owner and team-leader of TOPP-CARS company.

Here is the story of my career:

I started to work in the repair workshop of the Pécsi Volán as a car electrician apprentice in 1978. In those times even race cars were made there. Later the special department of Volán Autósport established a special workshop, and since then I have been dealing only with sportscars.

In this workshop I worked together in a team with Imre Gulyás, Gyula Simor, László Szuhanyik, Attila Kákonyi, and László Ranga. After a meeting of the special department the following decision was taken: László Ranga would be the number one racing car driver, and from that one it was my task to assure László’s technical background. To achieve the best results in competions, I built and serviced Gruppe 1-B racing car, which was a 1,3-litre-engined Lada. In the meanwhile while I was continuing my studies, I obtained a car mechanic certificate. I obtained the master craftsman’s certificate on both of my specialisations.

Later my duty was to build up, and provide racing car service for a Lada VFTS. At the end of 1987 the Lada-era ended for me. The results: several Hungarian championship titles, successful races abroad in the Rallye and in the mountain races, in the B.B.K competitions.

In 1988 I started to work in Attila Ferjáncz’s workshop, where we built Audi-s. I participated in several national and European Grand Prix.

In 1989 I built the first Lancia in my own workshop, with the help of the Austrian rallye champion Wittman’s workshop. László Ranga achieved excellent results with it.

In 1991 with the help of sponsorship we could get hold of a factory-built Lancia 16V car.I spent a lot of time in Alessandrini’s workshop. Here they prepared cars for the World and European championships. This was a very tough and good school for me. Here I could contribute with the results and experience achieved, while I was helping László in the national races. We were successful in several national races, and we obtained the first absolute championship title as well.

In 1992 we could work together with an original factory built racing car and team with the help of the importer Lancia Elite Hungary. The Mauro Rallye Tuning even now is one of the best teams in Italy and all over the world. I spent many long working hours in that workshop to achieve success.

In the meanwhile the cars prepared by me achieved succes after succes, rallye and rallye-cross titles.

In 1995 the Lancia stopped sending its cars to races, so to achieve further successes we had to change racing car. We chose an A groups Ford. Two years went on with develpoment and testing, but the Escort did not bring the fruit of the high hopes we planned, neither home not abroad.

This made us choose a new car. Mauro chose a Mitsubishi in Italy, we chose the Subaru.

From the second part of 1996 we worked together with Prodrive (an English Team) Junior Team to France. László Ranga rented an A category Subaru.

I worked with CILTI Sport until the beginning of the year 2002. I gained a lot of experience and participated in international competitions, also national championship winners together with László Ranga, Zoltán Bathó, Tibor Érdi.

In 2002 I built the cars and helped in the competiton Tamás Tagai and Károly Angyalfi. We participated in national and international races and rallyes in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain.

In the meanwhile I built up our home headquarters specialised in building racing cars and racing

Since 2003 I prepare cars with my own team and participate in the national races.

In my workshop I can:

  • Build up racing cars
  • Preparing for training
  • Providing service in the races
  • The decoration and design of the cars
  • Preparing service plans to races.


Baranya Kupa - Rally2


Bursa Rally - Turkey #4